Chiranjeevi about George Reddy Movie


George Reddy

George Reddy is a biopic of a student leader, boxer and gold medallist who influenced Andhra Pradesh politics in Osmania University between 1962 and 1972. He inspired revolutionary thoughts until he was brutally murdered at his hostel in 1972.

The first time I heard of George Reddy was when I was studying for the intermediate in Ongole. Chiranjeevi said that he is hearing about George Reddy’s movie once again for years. Sandeep Madhav’s Lead Roll is a film directed by Jeevan Reddy. The film, produced by Appireddi, is slated to release on the 22nd of this month
On this occasion, the key to the film was the moment when Chiranjeevi released a song called Nee behind us every time. He is the man who fought for change.

There are many more who come from Osmania University who question the mistake. Every time our every step behind you our run … After seeing the song I became very agitated. What was George Reddy’s hopes? What were his Revolutionary Thoughts? How did you deal with the injustices of the student bodies? This is the song. Movies like George Reddy’s still to come.


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