Chiranjeevi Rajasekhar War – Maa Association


Chiranjeevi Rajasekhar War - Maa Association

The never-ending war between Tollywood star hero Megastar Chiranjeevi with hero Rajasekhar was once again made its way at the event organized by the MAA association.  Severe comments between two famous personalities hit the industry like a storm. The existing cold war is now exposed to the whole world with their controversial comments in an official press meet. Group wars are not new to the Tollywood film industry and they got even worse with the political interference in the industry. Emerged at the time of Megastar’s entry into the politics the differences between Chiru and the couple JeevithaRajasekar increased with the time. For more movie updates follow and support us. get the latest news on

The drama occurred at the event of the annual diary release program of the Maa Association. While hero Chiranjeevi was delivering his speech at the event hero Rajasekhar interrupted in between and spoked a few words. This made everything to start the war at the event and later Megastar had given a solid reply to everything he hit by. He even made a statement that this controversy was preplanned and it was a shameful act by the opposition.

” MAA Association under the guidance of Shivaji Raja and Srikanth worked pretty well in several acts ” Chiranjeevi said to the media officials. ” If they had worked really well then why had they lost to us in the Elections? ” hero Rajasekhar replied for Chiru’s statement. After all, Mrs. Jeevitha Rajasekhar explained that “these things are quite common for the people with two uneven minds” tried to put an end to the war.

This controversy had taken a turn when Hero Rajasekhar resigned for the post in the MAA association with al these things. He also made some firing comments that the film industry was in the hands to some people and there was no hope for the small films to get big. Interesting things had taken place on the stage where Dialogue King Mohan Babu hugged Chiranjeevi showing his utmost love towards him.



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